Tilt Shift

Have you ever seen photos which looks like a miniature model, yet when you look closely you realise the river, the cars and the people are all real?  You then find out that it was all because of some photography technique.

There are actually a few ways to achieve such effect, the most straight forward, direct way is to use a tilt-shift lens.  It is rather expensive, for example the Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L will cost you over HKD14,000 (USD1,790).  There are also some built-in filters in newer point-and-shoot cameras (or smartphone apps) which mimics similar results .  Another method which I like is by post processing in Photoshop.

The above photo was taken in Prague using my 5D Mark 2 and a Canon 24-70mm f4L lens.  It was inspired by a postcard I saw when walking along Charles’ Bridge, and realise that this scene has been taken thousands of times, in colour or black & white.  I wanted to give it a different look and not just taking another “postcard moment”.  I used a plug-in called “Bokeh 2” by Alien Skin, which is a fantastic piece of software to add planar or circular Bokeh in Photoshop.  On the other hand you can use blur filters with the gradient tool to get a similar effect.

To have the best result, a photo taken from a high vantage point is key.  Just imagine you looking down at a model sized town and you will understand what I mean.  Give it a try and you may discover new ways to see things!




照片裡的城堡是就是位於德國的新天鵝堡,Disney也是參考它來設計他們的Disney Castle呢。







在心靈相通的情況下,昨天我收到了9筒不同的菲林作禮物,很開心。決定藉著今天的休假帶新玩具出外走走。其實昨晚我已經急不及待把Lomography B/W Lady Grey (ISO400)的菲林放入F3裡了。 今天外出第一站是要為F3買電,找偏我家附近的商場,在沖印店中買到了整個商場裡面最後的兩粒LR44電池,F3正式復活!

把拍照模式調教到Auto,開機之後望進Eye Piece裡見到兩個數字,快門跟光圈,非常興奮。但是奇怪的是無論在任何的光陰處,快門依然保留在1/80… 我心裡一沈,會不會因為F3被為棄了20多年,測光表已經壞掉呢?立刻用手機上網找答案。原來這是F3的setting,如果frame counter還未到1,快門會停留在1/80來確保攝影者用的曝光是正確的。到了尖沙嘴,我對F3的基本操作已經掌握了。


TL (aka SSJ)