HDR on the beach

Just for sharing…  trying out my fish-eye zoom lens.



More HDR

Another HDR attempt, this time its a more surrealistic panorama of Prague.  Again I manage to get the sun beams through the clouds with this 3 photo HDR.  There is also the silver lining with the chapel on the the horizon.

The composition worked is because the foreground is filled with the Prague buildings, and the small subject in the background actually stood out with the less colourful silhouette outline.  The background of the clouds with the sun beam makes the total framing.



HDR in Black & White – Prague

We see a lot of HDR photos on the net, and most of them have exaggerated colours.  What about HDR in B/W?  I am never a big fan of HDR as I am not a post-processing fanatic.  I like to frame my photos during my shoot, and try to achieve the final shot almost straight out of the camera.  Of course at this digital age, it is always tempting to boost the contrast here, correct some saturation there, tuning the curves and levels in PS etc.  Yet I am a strong believer of pre-shot planning rather than post-shot processing.

The above photo was taken in Prague, and it is an 3 stop HDR without tripod.  I manage to capture the sun beams through the clouds which in the the low exposure shot.  I only used the Photoshop HDR merge function rather than Photo Matix or other plug-ins.

Never tried HDR?  Go ahead and search on YouTube and there will be millions of tutorials on this topic, you may not use it all the time, but it is certainly handy to equip yourself with different techniques to make sure you have the largest chance to capture the perfect shot.