Home Studio – Glass Objects

Another piece of assignment for the lighting techniques course for OUHK.  The flash was aimed at the white wall behind the cup.  I also placed two black clothes on both sides of the glass to get more accented outlines.

I admit that I am more of a natural light photographer I tend to minimize the use of flash.  For me this course really encouraged me to shoot more with my flash guns (in this case one Canon 580 EXII was used), and experiment on different lighting techniques at home, a more systematic approach towards fill flash, gobos, reflectors, diffusers etc.



Home Studio – Strawberries!

I am currently on the Lighting Techniques course with OUHK, and the above is part of my first assignment, a photo trying to show the freshness of an organic matter.  I chose strawberries as my subject, not only because of its attractive red and green colour combination, but also that I can eat them afterwards….

For this assignment I had to take two photos, one under natural light and another with artificial lighting.  The above was shot with an off-camera flash on the left hand side, some water dripping onto the strawberry surface to get the splash effect.  It took me around 50 shots to get the splash right, yet the result was pretty satisfying.