Shoot Everywhere

Though cliche, I think the saying “The best camera is the camera you have on you.”  stands true.  A lot of us, even myself, will sometimes delve into the research of expensive camera gear; Canon vs. Nikon? Prime vs. Zoom?  Is the newest lens worth the investment? etc etc….  However, the question I will always ask myself is that “Is my gear limiting the photos I take?”  If the answer is no, then there seems no reason for buying extra gear that I won’t use.

My suggestion is to shoot more, until you feel that your gear is slowing you down and stopping you from taking the pictures you want.  Also, try to always take a camera with you, and keep your eyes opened to spot interesting frames.  The above was taken in one of the largest book stores in Beijing.  I wasn’t planning to shoot any photos in the store, but the scene was very interesting and luckily my camera was slung on my neck, so I just took a quick snap.

Always be prepared, you may need to shoot in unexpected circumstances, just shoot everywhere!





Blue Sky

Circular Polarizing Lens filter, or CPL, is an invaluable tool for landscape photographers.  It is one of the rare tools which cannot be replicated in the post processing.  It can make the skies bluer, the seas clearer with better contrast.

The way it works is they align the light rays getting through the filter onto the sensor, and can reduce the refraction from the dust particles in the air, and also works on the water reflection.  These effects cannot be reproduced by Photoshop.  So I highly recommend budding landscape photographers to bring along 1 CPL with you next time you go shoot.  Depending on the diameter of your lens and also the quality of the filter, price varies from around HKD400 (USD50) to HKD1200 (USD180) for the top notch ones, e.g. B&W.  Try it out and you will never leave home without it.