Landscape x Wildlife

The perfect image in my head before taking this shot was that the cheetah looking towards the right with its head held up high.  However, after shooting wildlife for a few days, I realise that luck plays some part in great wildlife photography.  You are unable to predict what exactly will they do, and it is very very difficult to get the photo you were expecting.

I was very lucky that we followed the cheetah for a bit, and it climbed up on a fallen tree, make the scene almost a perfect frame of Africa.

Looking at this photo brings back happy memories of my trip!



Portraits in Wildlife

Shooting a lion has never come across my mind before.  It seems so distant and its rare to see them in the open (usually they are behind cages!).  During my trip in Africa, I have a lot of opportunities to have close encounters with them, and allow me to shoot them at very close distances.

The frame above was to try and mimic a portrait of a person, with a very tight crop, eyes looking at the camera and nice even/soft lighting.  The closeness gave this photo almost an unbelievable feel.

Try to link different styles of photos together, like portrait x wildlife, and you may get some interesting results.

Hope you enjoy this!


Back from Africa

I stopped blogging for more than a month… well… I guess procrastination kicked in.  Until recently, one of my photography classmate said to me “blogging is all about perseverance”, which inspired me to start writing again.

To my defense, I also went on to a photography tour in Africa for two weeks.  It was surely an eye-opener for me, seeing endless grasslands, endless seas of animals (most of which will appear in later posts), travelling in a small boat on the second largest lake in the world etc.

This trip not only allowed me to experience nature (its a rare thing for us growing up in Hong Kong) and take amazing photos, it was one of my first take on wildlife photography.

I will be posting more frequently from now on, stay tuned!